Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NZ Gives Support To Resumption Of Commercial Whaling

If various news reports are to believed NZ's representative at the IWC meeting in Florida is set to give their backing to a proposal that will allow resumption of commerical whaling activities by some countries. See "New Zealand Now is now a Pro-Whaling Country"

The proposal has caused an international outcry and is already isolating New Zealand's stance from that of its closest neighbour, Australia:
"The draft proposal, led by Sir Geoffrey Palmer, was to again allow commercial whaling but with a 10-year sinking lid on the number that could be caught.
Australia rejected the draft proposal and reiterated a threat to take legal action at the International Court of Justice if a diplomatic solution is not agreed by November."
John Key has said Commercial whaling "might be acceptable if it was acceptable to others" but
"Labour's foreign affairs spokesman Chris Carter said New Zealand was "kowtowing" to pressure from a handful of countries.
"In a little over a year John Key has turned New Zealand from being a world leader in marine mammal conservation to being an active advocate for the resumption of commercial whaling."
Chris Carter may also like to take a look at New Zealand's record on dolphin slaughter.

A NIWA Report estimates 110 – 150 Hector’s and Maui’s Dolphins die in commercial gill nets every year, they are being fished to extinction in New Zealand waters. The report substantiates urgent calls for action from Care for the Wild International (CWI), a wildlife charity that promotes the conservation and welfare of wild animals around the world through direct projects, education, research and science-based advocacy.(source)

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