Saturday, April 3, 2010

Migrant Tales- "3+ Years In And Missing Blighty"

Continuing in our series of Migrant Stories: first hand accounts of migrant life in New Zealand, taken from locations around the net.

This tale is taken from an expat forum. The poster, a British tradesman who lives in Northland,  has been in New Zealand for more than three years, has tried both South and North Islands but has found, as have many others, that the 'scenery is not enough'.

He's had problems breaking through local price fixing  cartels, is disillusioned with the quality of housing and dangerous drivers. He's twigged to the 100%  pure myth and to the violence and brutality present in some sectors of society. He's thinking of giving it another two years but he has a Kiwi wife so the pressure must be on to stay put: caught between a rock and a hard place. Should he stay or should he go?
"Me and kiwi wife moved to nelson Jan 2007, after 18 months realised it wasn't for us. Like a lot of NZ it is cliquey, and remote, not to say expensive.

We now live at Snells Beach about an hour north of Auckland. Beautiful spot great neighbours and for us probably as good as it gets. So why am I bored and frustrated with life here ?

Trying to start a business is much more difficult than the UK, trying to open biz accounts with companies is like pulling teeth.

People NEVER respond to phone messages or emails.

If people are putting a few bucks in your pocket they seem to think that you are their bonded slave !

The food and construction industries are each run by 2 cartels who fix prices across the board I've encountered 900 % mark ups on building materials personally !

Roads are frequented by morons who can't drive but think they can.

The media seem to be in the pockets of big buisness therefore none of the above is ever broached by the likes of 'Fair Go' instead they go for the small fry.

House construction - what a joke, they sell glorified garden sheds for 6 figure sums and they cany even keep the rain out !

Leaky homes - came about because of the greed of big biz and the ineptitude of government - of course everyone is denying responsibility in true kiwi fashion.

Sport - very popular, because there's bugger all else to do !!

Insurance companies - excellent at taking your money and finding ways of not paying out on claims.

Customer service - an alien concept here.

Clean Green NZ - total bulls**t, if there's a buck to be made then it WILL be made just see what happens with the mining.

Fishing - stocks are rapidly decreasing so get out there while you can !

Pig hunting - it's what the hillbillies do when they've run out of relatives to beat up or rape.

Domestic violence - NZ is up there with the best of em.

All Blacks - how can the best in the world never win the world championship ?

I know I sound negative but I've found NZ to be like a dumb blonde, great to look at but very little else.

I'm giving it 2 more years, if it doesn't improve for us then its back to the traffic jams, bombers and civilisation!"

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Migrant Tales – “NZ A More Dangerous, More Violent Place”

Continuing in our series of Migrant Stories: first hand accounts of migrant life in New Zealand, taken from locations around the net.

This tale is taken from an expat forum. The poster, a Brit who lives in Palmerston North comments on the latest released crime statistics and ponders the grim future ahead in New Zealand:
“The words of our police minister today. NZ really does appear to be going down the gurgler. It all bad news just now for NZ. They blame P (methamphetamine) and the dole/bludging way of life for too many.
There have been a spate of ugly attacks in Palmy of late.
Murders are going thru the roof.
The only difference betwixt NZ and the UK is looking like just the lower population of NZ. The latter is a huge pull for me as I hate crowds and endless jams on the road. They reckon its going to get worse. Another caveat before you chose to come. Canada or Oz are looking like more favourable alernatives aye? Or are they too going to shite??”
In another post he asked is “NZ a failed nation?” after the release of the NZ Institute’s report card on the state of the country:
“The NZ Institute says today that NZ is failing as a nation. There are some horendous stats coming out of their report (google it). I would seriously consider not coming to NZ just now if I was starting out the process I did just under six years ago. I would look at Oz or Canada. I love NZ and have our roots too well set to consider a move at present..who knows Oz may well beckon in the coming years as we will soon be citizens of NZ.
I have no axe to grind. Inspite of the fiscal problems NZ’s crap fiscal regulators have wrought upon us we have a superb quality of life here, [my wife] has a glowing career in senior palliative care and our kids are incredibly happy. Thus we are content here and we want for nothing, but I am soooo glad my kids can go to Oz if need be or can return to europe some day for a brighter future.
I really think NZ is looking at a downward trend now in terms of the quality of life here. I think the kiwi $$ will steadily lose value over the coming months as NZ will be seen to be a risky place to invest..a bit like a rudderless boat. All we need is a dairy disaster and NZ will be all washed up. Think about your options aye?
I am not being dark or wishing to start a flare thread…just telling you what I hear on the news. The rest is up to you.”
The NZ Institute’s report “NZ Ahead – A report card of New Zealand’s social, economic and environmental wellbeing. Measuring New Zealand’s performance so we can improve it.” may be found here

In the news today, a snapshot of crime and disorder in New Zealand:
NZ crime rate rises : "Violence and drug-related offences are largely responsible for increased crime rates, according to 2009 crime statistics released by police today"
"Police Minister Judith Collins said the figures showed the scale of the problem New Zealand faced. "In the 18 months that I have been police minister I have been shocked at the level of violent and anti-social behaviour in our society," Ms Collins said."

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