Tuesday, April 14, 2009

13 Year Old Raped in Point Chevalier

A 13 year old girl was raped on Easter Sunday as she walked home from shops in Auckland suburb of Pt Chevalier at around 11 am. The young girl's terrible half hour long ordeal took place in broad daylight on the Oakley Creek Walkway.

CCTV footage of her alleged attacker was recorded at the BP Waterview BP station and images have been released to the public.

The girl was left deeply traumatised by the vicious attack and is at home trying to recover from the attack

A 34 year old local man is due in court Tuesday to answer charges of sexual violation by rape, two counts of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection, abduction for sexual connection, and aggravated wounding by stupefying.

The incident has some similarities to the sexual assault of an Australian tourist in Nelson in January.

Further details can be found at 3 News and NZ Herald


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