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Armed Robberies In NZ

Armed robberies are not isolated incidents in New Zealand, just the opposite they're now becoming incredibly frequent, hardly a week day goes by without us hearing about one and things are getting worse. In 2008 there were a total of 1,160 recorded aggravated robberies, of which 163 were firearm related and 223 used a stabbing or cutting weapon (source NZ statistics) which means that thousands of innocent members of the public and people at work have been affected by armed robberies in NZ, which is appalling for a country that markets itself as having a low crime rate.

Below is a list (highlighted to show whether a firearm or other weapon was used) of armed robberies that have been publicly notified (a significant number don't make it into the news) in 2009 and 2010 from non-domestic premises. It's becoming evident that these incidents are occurring all over the country, not just in Auckland. This post will be updated as each new robbery becomes known about; we're now adding links to these stories for those who use this site for research.

20 March: Supersave and Speciality Store. SWANSON. woman held at gunpoint and assaulted by two men in their teens, 5.15pm link 19 March: Woman held-up at ATM Machine. Albany, NORTH SHORE weapon unknown, midday link
11 March: Wordsworth Superette, MANUREWA, 7.15 2 males knife and firearm link
10 March: Crook & Flail Bar and Casino, Meadowlands Drive, HOWICK. 11.40pm, knives link
10 March: Video Ezy, HAVELOCK NORTH, man with spanner stole cash, 9.40pm link;
9 March: Pricecutter, Bridge Street, HUNTLY: 3 youths with pistols and iron bar, 7.45pm link
4 March: National Bank ATM, Kepa Road, AUCKLAND, Armourguard employees held-up in front of shoppers, details of weapons not released by police. 12.30pm link
1 Mar: Racecourse Dairy, Green Lane East, AUCKLAND. worker held up with gun, 5pm  link
28 Feb: Massage parlour, Central WELLINGTON, 'Maid' held up by men with pistol link
21 Feb: Harper Street Dairy, WANGANUI, mother and daughter working in shop taken to hospital, no info on weapons, 5.10pm link
12 Feb:  ASB Bank, OTAHUHU, Armourguard Robbery. Single barrel firearm used, 4.40pm link
10 Feb: Pizza Delivery worker, HENDERSON, teenager with a knife link
3 Feb: ANZ Bank, Marewa, NAPIER, man with gun threatened to shoot staff, 12.25pm. link
31 Jan: Taxi Driver, Hiren Mohin during a robbery link
27 Jan: Bank, TEMUKA. firearm link
26 Jan: Trident Tavern, ONEHUNGA, men with guns, 10am. link
25 Jan: Redwood Dairy,UPPER HUTT, 4pm. Molotov Cocktail used to set fire to shop! 4pm link
25 Jan: Post Shop, WAIPUKURAU, Central Hawkes Bay, 9.27am. No info on weapon link
21 Jan: ANZ Bank, Gladstone, GISBORNE, (knife) link
17 Jan: Shell Service Station,  EDGECUMBE. Two men shot at police link
6 Jan:Caltex Service Station,  Bishopdale, NELSON. midnight (two men with a knife) link
5 Jan: Taxi driver, Wycliffe St, NAPIER. 9.45pm (man with gun) link 
2 Jan: Mount Paper Power Lotto Shop, MOUNT MAUNGANUI, 2.55pm sawn-off .22 rifle used link

29 Dec: Bellbird Arms Tavern, McAnnalley Street, MANUREWA, 3 men with shotgun. 12.20pm. link
28 Dec: Kawaha Point Dairy, ROTORUA, 4pm. Youth with knife.  link
28 Dec:  Tip Top Store, BLENHEIM, 5.40pm two men with knives. link
24 Dec: ASB Bank, Mount Roskill, AUCKLAND, gun11am. link
23 Dec: 'Security Van', Westfield Mall, Albany, NORTH SHORE. Masked men, 10.20am, no info for security company, weapons or amount of money stolen. Getaway vehicle recovered from Warehouse carpark. One of the man used a hammer to threaten guards link
22 Dec: Edgeware Post Shop, CHRISTCHURCH, 5pm, gun.
22 Dec:  Miramar Post Shop, WELLINGTON, man with a firearm, 2.50pm.
18 Dec: Levesque Liquor Store, Birkdale, NORTH SHORE, teenager with knife. link

13 Dec: Crinan Street Dairy, INVERCARGILL, 2.30pm. 8th robbery at this store in 6 years, previous was in May.
11 Dec: Post-Shop, Main Street, HUNTLY, 9.38am (no info on weapon)
11 Dec: Woolworths Supermarket, Medway Street, GORE 2.40pm (no info on weapons)
5 Dec: Kiwibank, Chartwell, HAMILTON,  2 men threatened 12 people with rifle. 10.00am
3 Dec: Diamond House, Mangere Bridge, S.AUCKLAND, 3 men, machete and rifle, 10.15pm
22 Nov: Cannons Creek Mobil Service Station, PORIRUA 7.25pm (knife)
17 Nov:  Gull service station, WHANGAREI. 4 masked men, one with a machete.
14 Nov: Isobar, Finns Bar and Bristo, Hornby CHRISTCHURCH. Several $1,000s taken. (knife) 11pm
13 Nov: Service Station, Mana, near WHITBY, 2am (shotgun)
3 Nov: Carlisle Street Dairy off Argyll Street, TAURANGA, 10.50am (man with knife)
3 Nov: Fix Store, corner of Ghuznee and Cuba Streets WELLINGTON, 2.50am (broken bottle)

3 Nov: Armourgard Van - ANZ Bank HUNTLY, 12.12pm (shotgun) is there a connection to the recent Hamilton Robberies?
29 Oct: Travelex, Ward St, HAMILTON. (no information on weapon) 4th in Hamilton this month.
29 Oct: NZ Credit Union office, Laurence Stevens Drive, SOUTH AUCKLAND (gun)
28 Oct: The Mill Liquorsave, TARADALE, 6.30pm (worker stabbed in chest with knife)
27 Oct:  BNZ Bank, Grey S, HAMILTON (no information on weapon) 10.15pm
25 Oct: Kaukapakapa Wines and Spirits, Kaipara Coast Highway, HELENSVILLE, 7.40pm (pistol)
24 Oct: Fay's Place, Garfield Rd, HELENSVILLE, 9.40pm (pistol)
22 Oct: That Place Takeaways on Parkhurst Rd in Parakai, HELENSVILLE (pistol) 9.40pm
15 Oct: Westpac Bank, Westfield Shopping Centre, Chartwell, HAMILTON, (no info. about weapon)
14 Oct: McDonalds Restaurant, DRURY, 11pm (knife)
8 Oct: BNZ Bank, Kilbirnie, WELLINGTON, noon. Linked to robbery on 5 Oct.
8 Oct: Lincoln Rd Liquor Centre, Lincoln, CHRISTCHURCH, 8.50pm (machete)
6 Oct: Cherrywood Liquor store, Cherrywood, TAURANGA (rifle)
5 Oct: Westpac Bank, Molesworth Street, WELLINGTON.
3 Oct: Pomona St Discount Store, INVERCARGILL, 1.50pm (knife held to worker's throat)
2 Oct: ASB Bank, Westfield Chartwell, HAMILTON 9.30am (offender claimed to have gun)
28 Sept: ANZ bank, Terrace End, PALMERSTON NORTH, ('long barrelled gun') 9.40am. Second robbery at this premises this month +
27 Sept: Centenial Park Store, Church Street, TIMARU. Shop worker hit over head with hammer and shot in face with airgun, 9.20pm
26 Sept: Redan Dairy, Redan Rd, KAITAIA
24 Sept: Jays Bar, Brookland Rd, ROTORUA, 11pm
23 Sept: West Force Credit Union, PAPKURA 2.30pm. Hand gun
20 Sept: Brothel, Mt Wellington, AUCKLAND around noon (BB gun) woman slightly injured
20 Sept: G & S Superette, Lyall Bay, WELLINGTON, 7.45 pm. (30cm long hunting knife)
17 Sept: Rodney Wayne Hairdressers, Westfield Shore City, Takapuna, NORTH SHORE, 8.15pm. Shotgun used, staff member punched in throat.
17 Sept: ANZ bank, Terrace End, PALMERSTON NORTH, 10.45am. ('Long barrelled gun') +
14 Sept: Westpac bank, Horomatangi Street. TAUPO around 2.30pm (no info on weapons)
13 Sept: Lyon St Dairy, Kihikihi, near TE AWAMUTU, 9pm (Female carrying a machete)
12 Sept: Dairy, MANUREWA. Owners Ranbir & Kulwant Singh violently attacked.
12 Sept: Gull Service Station, WHANGAREI (gun)
12 Sept: Hillpark Superette, Grande Vue Rd, AUCKLAND weapon not specified
12 Sept: Price Cutter superette, Vine St in MANGERE, 8.50pm (gun)
11 Sept: BNZ Bank, corner of Bentley Avenue/Glenfield Rd Glenfield, GLENFIELD 2.20pm No info on weapon used.
11 Sept: Westpac Bank, Ngongotaha, ROTORUA, two men with a pistol and shotgun.
7 Sept: Bank, Panmure AUCKLAND 11am (female with knife)
6 Sept: Night and Day store, Ferry Road, CHRISTCHURCH, 1.09am no information released about the weapon used
5 Sept: KFC restaurant, TE AWAMUTU, 11.30pm
4 Sept:
Kamo Mobil Mart Service Station, Kamo Rd. WHANGAREI (knife)
3 Sept: Kiwibank, Great South Rd, PAPAKURA, 11am. (Previously robbed 25 Aug)
2 Sept: Antique Store, Dominion Road, AUCKLAND
2 Sept:
Park Dairy, Acheson Avenue, CHRISTCHURCH, 7.10pm (metal bar and screwdriver)
1 Sept: Grand Vue Dairy, Great South Road, AUCKLAND
31 Augst: Ratavine Foodmarket in WIRI (2nd time)
28 Augst: Kiwibank Postshop, Dominion Rd/King Edward Street, AUCKLAND no information is being released about the weapon that was used, robbery took place around noon.
25 Augst: Strand Caltex, WANUIOMATA, 10.45pm-11.10pm. No info on weapon released
25 Augst: Kiwibank, Great South Road, PAPAKURA.
23 Augst: TAB, Point Cheavlier, AUCKLAND $13,000 stolen by man with a gun.
22 Augst: Ratavine Foodmarket, WIRI
21 Augst: Halsey Road Foodmarket, Manurewa, SOUTH AUCKLAND
14 Augst: Guthrie Bowron paint shop, Fitzgerald Ave, CHRISTCHURCH, 8.20am (knife)
14 Augst: Armourgard Van, Manurewa, SOUTH AUCKLAND, 9.35am
13 Augst: Ding Dong Dang Dairy, NORTH SHORE, 12.30pm
13 Augst: Shell Service Station, Wiri Station Rd, WIRI 6.30pm
8 Augst: Buns Bakery, Ferry Road, CHRISTCHURCH, 9pm (knife and galvanised pipe)
7 Augst: Whitecross Medical Centre, Great North Road, AVONDALE 9.40pm (metal bar)
7 Augst: National Bank, Westfield Shopping Centre, ALBANY, 2pm (pistol, customers threatened)
4 Augst: Crow Tavern, PICTON, 10.20pm
4 Augst: Westpac Bank, Main St, UPPER HUTT, 2.50pm
1 Augst: BP Connect Service Station, LOWER HUTT, 4am
1 Augst: Caltex Service Station, LOWER HUTT, 4am
1 Augst: Melbourne St Dairy, SOUTH DUNEDIN
30 July: Wespac Bank, St Martins, CHRISTCHURCH, 9am
29 July: Westpac Bank, WHAKATANE, 10.40am
28 July: Kihikihi motorcycle shop, near TE AWAMUTU, 11.20am (AOS involved)
28 July: Merlene's Dairy, PALMERSTON NORTH 11.45am
27 July: Westpac Bank, OPOTIKI, 9.38am
25 July: Taxi driver, TE ARO, days takings and cab stolen, 4.30pm
24 July: Jewellery store, TE PUKE, 11.30am
24 July: Katikati Paper Plus and Post Shop, KATIKATI, 2.25pm (sawn off shotgun)
23 July: Challenge service station, HUNTERVILLE, 9.10pm, shots fired
23 July: Valley Superette, PAPAKURA, 3.30pm
21 July: Mini Mart, MOSGIEL, night time robbery (machete)
17 July: ANZ Albany, NORTH SHORE, 2.05pm
17 July: Taxi driver stabbed and robbed, TAURANGE, early am
16 July: Village Superette, GISBORNE, just before 7am
16 July: Gossamer Liquor at Ussher Place, PAKURANGA, afternoon (machete)
15 July, United Video, FRANKTON, HAMILTON, 10.25pm
14 July: Suburban Store,TAHUNANUI, 6.42pm (large knife)
14 July: Howick and Eastern Buses' driver, money stolen at knifepoint
14 July: Mobil service station, TAHUNANUI, 6.52pm (large knife)
14 July: Wespac Bank, North Road, DUNEDIN, 1.45pm
12 July; Dairy, WANGANUI, 6pm. Two teenage girls armed with knives
12 July: Dairy, corner of Radley and Marshal Streets, CHRISTCHURCH, 8pm
11 July: Hills Takeaways, OTARA, 5pm
10 July: HASTINGS Darts Association, 9.30am. No information on weapons yet
9 July: Kiwibank, PALMERSTON NORTH
8 July: Bowl and Jack Tavern, CHRISTCHURCH, 9.30am. No information on weapons yet
7 July: BP Service Station, Ngaio, WELLINGTON, 9pm
3 July: Kiwi Bank, Queensgate, LOWER HUTT, 11.15am
3 July: Copper Lounge Bar, PAPAKURA, 2.40pm
30 June: Armourgard, ANZ Bank, Heretaunga Street East, HASTINGS, 7am
29 June: Kiwibank, Goodbehere St, FIELDING, 1.25pm
26 June: Victoria Dairy, Carruth Rd, PAPATOETOE, 6.20pm (rifle)
25 June: Westpac Bank, St Martins, CHRISTCHURCH
24 June: Angus Inn bottle shop, HASTINGS, 7pm
24 June: Mitcham Avenue Dairy, HAMILTON, 5.30pm
24 June: Kiwibank, Frankton, HAMILTON, 2.40pm
24 June: Westpac Bank, HAMILTON EAST, 10.10am
23 June: Kiwibank, Kuripuni, MASTERTON, 2pm
23 June: Taxi Driver, CHRISTCHURCH, pm. Driver stabbed repeatedly in neck
22 June: Worcester Tavern, Linwood, CHRISTCHURCH man robbed staff and patron, 11 am
20 June: Bedrock Bar, Addington, CHRISTCHURCH three men robbed staff & patrons,3.00am
19 June: BNZ Bank, Birkenhead, NORTH SHORE
17 June: PostShop, Mokoia Rd, Birkenhead, NORTH SHORE, 1.30pm
17 June: Kiwibank, TAKANINI, 10.40am
16 June: Armourguard van Arthur's Bar and Grill, ONEHUNGA, Akl, 1.00pm.
15 June: Spot On Dairy, GISBORNE, midday
13 June: ASB Bank, St Lukes Shopping Centre, AUCKLAND9am
13 June: ANZ Bank, UPPER HUTT, 2.20pm
12 June: ASB Bank, Blockhouse Bay, AUCKLAND 4.20pm
10 June: National Bank, Vulcan Lane, AUCKLAND, 2pm (weapon used was a screwdriver)
10 June: Caspar Dairy, PAPATOETOEe
9 June: ASB Bank, Dominion Road (Mt Roskill) AUCKLAND(Axe) 3.05pm
9 June: Kiwibank PostShop, Dominion Road, Balmoral, AUCKLAND 2.45pm
3 June: Heretaunga Hospital Store, PALMERSTON NORTH, 10am
5 June: Good Tukka Takeaway, OPOPITKI, 2 youths ages 13 & 15 arrested
5 June: Bus Driver, Lyall Bay, WELLINGTON, 8.30pm (weapon used was a screwdriver)
4 June: ANZ Bank, St Lukes, AUCKLAND
2 June: INC Technology, East Tamaki, AUCKLAND 5.18pm
29 May: TAB Dominion Road, AUCKLAND
28 May: Fairview Downs Superette, HAMILTON,
27 May: Armourguard van, Epsom Girls Grammar School, AUCKLAND, 2.00pm
24 May: BP Service station, WHITFORD village, 7pm
23 May: Main Street Fish n Chips, BLENHEIM, 6pm
22 May: ASB Bank, Panmure, AUCKLAND 2:30pm
18 May: Mag and Tyre Direct, New Lynn, AUCKLAND 8.30am
17 May: Pricecutter Superette, HELENSVILLE, 7.15pm
15 May: Westpac Bank, Parnell, AUCKLAND 2:45pm
14 May:
Woolworths Micro @ Gull on Hewletts Rd, TAURANGA (machete)
2 May: United video, Great South Road, Manurewa, AUCKLAND 7.15 pm (baseball bat)
2 May: Westpac Bank, Kilbirnie, WELLINGTON, 11.20am
27 April: Aotea Crescent Chinese takeaway, TOKOROA at night. (* see below)
20 April: Dairy, WHANGAREI - led to a high speed chase
12 April: Shell service station, NGARUAWAHIA, 9.20pm. (Knife and baton)
11 April: Bigsave variety store, WHANGAREI (knife)
11 April: Outdoor Connection, WHANGAREI (knife)
2 April: Dairy, Lipscombe Cres. HAVELOCK NORTH. Accused was bailed & then crashed
28 March: Tower Post Office, CHRISTCHURCH, 8am
23 March: Bishopdale Discounter Dairy, CHRISTCHURCH, 7.50pm
16 March: National Bank, Manukau, S.AUCKLAND 11.45am
13 March: BNZ Bank, Manukau, S.AUCKLAND. Armourguard robbed of $200,000, 5:22pm
7 March: Alabaster Pharmacy, Merivale, CHRISTCHURCH. (Petrol poured over pharmacist)
5 March: Kingsgate TAB, Kingsgate Hotel, ROTORUA, 7.30pm

2 March: Time Zone Amusement Arcade HAMILTON, "armed"
2 March: Dissmeyer Superette, Otara, S.AUCKLAND groceries stolen
1 March: Edendale Superette, AUCKLAND cigs, ice cream and cash, 8:15am
25 February: Westpac Bank, Browns Bay, NORTH SHORE,. 11am
10 February: Il Bordello Brothel, WELLINGTON. Lone female receptionist at night
3 February: Taxi driver, Ross Crescent, HAMILTON 1.40am
2 February: ASB Bank, OREWA
1 February: New World Supermarket, CLENDON, 10am
26 January: Tiraumea Superette, PAKURANGA, 3.30pm female police officer beaten up
23 January: Dairy, Eugenia Rise Manurewa, S.AUCKLAND
19 January: Cedar Superette, Manurewa, S.AUCKLAND
16 January: Sunny Brae Dairy, Manurewa, S.AUCKLAND
14 January: 2 x Shell station, Newtown, WELLINGTON, about 5.20am and again at 9am (axe)
14 January: Caltex station, Miramar, WELLINGTON, about 8.20am (axe)
14 January: Woburn Pharmacy, Whites Line East, LOWER HUTT, 4.10pm
7 January: Westpac Bank, Onehunga, S.AUCKLAND
4 January: Wordsworth Rd superette, Manurewa, S AUCKLAND
4 January: Strawberry seller, Swanson Reserve, W.AUCKLAND, 11am
3 January: Medical Centre Pharmacy, Johnsonville, WELLINGTON, 12.20pm
New Year's eve: Shell service station, TAURANGA, weapon not specified
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