Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Local Shop Robbed By Pistol Wielding Youths

The Pricecutter in Bridge Street, Huntly was robbed last night by three bandanna wearing youths brandishing pistols and an iron bar. Various news organisations are running the story today (link  link)

The robbery took place at around 7:45pm and it looks like a quantity of cash was taken. Police arrested two 18 year old and one 16 year old youth a short time later.

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We noted that news reports about the robbery mention that the thugs were wearing bandannas, usually this is code for "gang members" The small town has been suffering from other aggravated robberies and violent crimes in recent times.

On 23 January a man in his 70s was bashed from behind with a brick whilst unloading goods from a van on Bridge Street at around 5pm on 20 January. He was robbed of the few dollars he had in his pocket.

The victim has lived in Huntly for about 10 years and said it was the first time he had experienced anything like it. The Waikato Times reported him as saying:
"I've never had anything like this happen. I get on well with the community and mix with them all and wouldn't say it's out of character, but it's out of character with the people that I deal with."

The man was angry such an attack could take place in his town.

"They're layabouts and gutless people, and don't care who they attack. They ought to get real and get themselves a job and do something in society ...

"There's always some idiot out there who wants to prey on somebody, just for a few dollars."

To the best of our knowledge other recent violent crimes in the town include:
  • The hold-up of the post shop on Main Street at around 9.30am on 11 December
  • The shot-gun heist of an Armourguard van making a delivery to the ANZ Bank on 3 November 
  • An armed robbery of 4 motorbikes from Kihikihi motorbike store which resulted in an armed offenders call-out with helicopter support at a north Huntly address on 28 July 2009.
Just what is causing this rise in violent crime in the small town (population just over 7,000) is unclear but we suspect that the man who suffered the brick attack may have put his finger on it: "They're layabouts and gutless people, and don't care who they attack. They ought to get real and get themselves a job and do something in society."

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  1. Sadly, some of these thugs are even receiving unemployment benefits!


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