Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Possible Fatal Stabbing In Ngongotaha, Rotorua

Posters on the Trademe boards are this morning discussing a possibly fatal stabbing overnight at Hood street, Ngongotaha.
“Not sure if it fatal, I was woken at 4.45 this morning to a big yelling match going on, I thought I heard a gun shot at 5 and a car took off like the clappers. Police arrived shortly after and had some woman on ground for awhile. They took her away in 1 car and I think took the wee kids that live in the house an hour later.
The place has been blocked off by Amourgaurd all morning with police detctives going in and out, Police photographers and daily post.
My neightbour was told by a friend at police that it was a stabbing. I have not seen an ambulance at all so am wondering if a body is in house.”
As yet the news organisations have yet to publish anything about the incident, nor has there been any confirmation that a fatallity has occured.

New Zealand has an appalling record for its murder rate – having the fifth highest rate in the OECD, much of it arising from domestic violence.

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