Saturday, January 16, 2010

Protestors Waiting For Prince William To Arrive In Wellington

We hear that Prince William, second in line to the British throne, is due to open the new Supreme Court Building in Wellington on Monday.

Republican groups are said to be lying in wait for him and are planning to make an issue out of the establishment of the court representing the end of a long link with Britain.

The prince has already caused problems by daring to ask for healthy salmon in place of red meat at a hangi to be held in his honour, which means that hundreds of dollars spent on showcasing the "best cuts of meat from all over NZ" (ed. we thought those were all exported?) may have been a little excessive. Perhaps someone should've asked him what he wanted to eat before ordering it?

It is not known at this time whether the Prince's has also asked for salad or whether his dietary choices are likely to lead to a new export opportunities for NZ salmon, but we're sure that someone is likely to make the most of it very soon.

Professor Noel Cox, chairs of Monarchy New Zealand, has already said the Prince's trip is free advertising for NZ (see Prince's tour is value for money)
"Every time Prince William’s trip to Aotearoa is mentioned, it is a bold advertisement for New Zealand,” says Professor Noel Cox, Chair of Monarchy New Zealand.

References to the Prince’s impending trip have been made in every major newspaper in both countries (Australian and UK) “If we were going to pay for this kind of advertisement, it would cost a fortune.”

A single full page ad in the British newspaper, The Times costs $56,000 NZD. “Kiwis are already getting a great return on their investment.” By raising New Zealand’s profile through his visit, Prince William is giving a huge boost to our tourism industry."
The family firm sees his trip a little differently :
"St James’s Palace insisted that the Prince would not be distracted by any Republican protests. “It is not about Prince William becoming enmeshed in politics."

Buckingham Palace will be hoping that Prince William, who is more popular than his father in most polls, will enhance the standing of the Royal Family. "We are planning for large crowds. There is huge interest,” said Mr Lowther-Pinkerton."
One wonders if those Republican groups have heard the one about the goose and its golden egg.

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