Monday, January 18, 2010

American Tourist, Caroline Lackey, Drowns In Rafing Incident. Updated Following Rangitikei River Drowning

There has been another tragic Adventure Tourism related death in New Zealand.

In an incident very reminiscent of the drowning of British tourist Emily Jordan, a 58 year old American tourist, Caroline Lackey, has died after she became trapped under a rock whilst rafting at the Te Hoe section of the Mohaka River yesterday.

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The trip was said to be a private one and not under the guidance of any commercial operators.

Our deepest sympathies go out to her family and friends who must be devastated by their loss. Mrs. Lackey's husband, son and daughter in law were thrown clear of the raft but fotunately managed to swim to safety.

Her death comes at a time when the review of the Adventure Industry (initiated following a consistent and very public pressure by Emily Jordan's father Chris) has been put on the back burner because of a lack of 'buy-in' by industry operators and is already 2 months behind schedule.

Some countries have seen fit to advise their citizens of the dangers they may face in New Zealand. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office offers the following guidance: link
Local Travel
"There have been a number of tragic accidents involving British visitors; these also include extreme sporting accidents. If you intend to participate in extreme sports you should check that the company is well established in the industry and your insurance covers you. If you intend visiting remote areas, you should check with local tourist authorities for advice before setting out. You should ensure that you register your details with a Visitor Information Centre or family or friends. Weather conditions can quickly become treacherous in some areas and you should keep yourself informed of regional weather forecasts."
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