Monday, September 24, 2012

E2NZ is now at

This blog is now largely inactive, although we do check-in occasionally to pick up messages.

Since starting this blog E2NZ has had well over a million visitors. Thank you for your continued support in helping us dismantle some of the myths about New Zealand.

Our official blog may now be found at

We also have a presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We're looking forward to seeing all of you there.


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  1. They're really taking a hatchet to the immigration websites which talk about the down side too, especially via the article comments at

    Reminds me of what I read at ExpatExposed, page
    Be Happy:
    "It’s inevitable that some immigrants won’t be happy here. That’s okay. Immigration is a huge trauma, from which some never recover. Seeking support and companionship from similarly disaffected is also okay, provided that the emphasis is on positive assistance rather that negative reinforcement.

    How did I find this site? An anonymous tip-off to the actions of an employee, who after marrying an American, has developed an all-consuming hatred for his own country (and has since moved on). His scathing condemnation of and contempt for his own family, friends, and work-mates was quite stunning. As a result, he learned that obsessive and petty contempt sprayed across the internet may not remain anonymous – he was embarrassed and contrite. But the damage was done."

    What Be Happy did, in the words of Lantana:
    "Is it me or does that sound like a threat?

    Do you mean if I live in NZ and post something negative about it on this website my work colleagues and employer will become hysterical and hate me? That people will stalk me and set up fake Facebook accounts in my name with the aim of embarrassing me for having a point of view contrary to their own?

    Or they will phone my employer and tell them about the 'traitor' in their midst?

    Sounds scary. Sounds oppressive, in a communist, mind control, group think borg sort of way."

    Scary stuff, if you have a different opinion of NZ other than clean, green 100% pure No. 8 Wire Ingenuity She'll be right mate!


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