Saturday, February 11, 2012

NZ Radio Station Offers Valentine’s Day Divorce Competition (Win your passage out of New Zealand)


Win your passage out of New Zealand.

We’ve been tweeting (link) about a NZ radio station’s plans to hold an on-air divorce competition on Valentine’s Day and it set us thinking.

What if a radio station were to offer a fully expenses paid repatriation, or onward migration to another country of choice, for one disaffected migrant family in New Zealand?

Would it be overwhelmed with applicants?

Would you apply and what do you need to re-settle elsewhere.

We not just talking financial help here but logistical assistance: finding work, sorting out difficult legal issues that bind you to New Zealand, re-training, up-skilling, selling your home, improving your health and wellbeing, getting your kids re-educated, moving your aged parents. Anything.

Let’s have your wish lists and tell us why you want to leave.

The best replies will be re-published and given a section all of their own in the blog, please tell us if you don’t want yours included in this.

We suggest December 18, International Migrants Day, as the date on which the ‘competition’ should be held and we will be promoting it at that time through social media.
(p.s. we’ll hold comments open indefinitely on this one on all our sites)

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