Friday, March 19, 2010

"Christchurch, New Zealand, Sucks"

In the Vox Pop series we look at posts from around the web where people talk honestly about living in New Zealand.

Todays entries are taken from the Christchurch forum on Topix. 

"Christchurch , New Zealand Sucks"

"Moved here 4 years ago from london,Used to be a happy young positive person, but living in the city where everyone is pessimistic and unhappy starts to grind at you after a while, Im starting to become more negative, being around such depressing people its hard to stay positive. I can safely say, I HATE THIS CITY"
- "Four years? I doff my hat to you. I wouldn't have lasted four months before the boredom killed me. Have you though about moving to Australia? It's warm and the people are friendly. Otherwise, Wellington is a bit more lively."
- "yeap its amazing here here, under-employment is just fan-friggin-tastic, not much else to do except get drunk or drink coffee when if you don't have work (if you have any at all). great times all round here.[/sarcasm]
Pessimism is at all time high, and not without reason, this is a hell-hole full of violence, alchoholism, and boredom."
But isn't this thread a 'one off' surely Christchurch can't be that bad, and one town doesn't define a country...does it? there's more:

"Drunkeness In Christchruch"

"What is up with all the young adults these days? Do they even remember what they did the night before? How can they handle beening seen vomiting/urinating?
It is like the young adults of 2day have no morals or self respect, what is your view??

-"The new NZ culture. Shoot them. Allow for us to get our safe rep back."

-"The real underlying problem is that NZ is very boring and people are in NZ society are conditioned to lack the confidence to find something out of the square to stimulate themselves.
It's also what's behind the boy-racing."

-"Its funny that since this thread has been started over 3 months ago no New Zealander has tried to contradict it. Everyone deep down knows that the young NZers have no morals, self respect, or brains.
My generation(Y) are a bunch of lazy dumbed down retards with nothing in their lives except alchohol. No-one my age (and even older,for that)in NZ seems to be very knowledgeable about anything these days. It seems their parents werent extremely intelligent to start with and their offspring have learnt even less from them and havent been bothered to learn any more.
Drunkenness is rampant not just in Christchurch, but throughout NZ. Alot of it probbibly does have to do with NZ being quite a boring place as Daniel has said. No-one seems to be motivated enough or have enough initiative to change the place abit though.
I grew up in a small town north of Auckland until I was 18 and have lived in Auckland itself for a short time and the level of astoundingly stupid drunken behaviour in both cities is disgusting. Couple the rampant alcoholism with high unemployment, pollution, obesity, suicide rates, crime statistics, and teen pregnancy and you have all the ingrediants to a recipe for disaster.
New Zealand has a very bleak future and im glad I wont be here for it."

-"Yea moteote I moved out more than 16 years ago and I am glad I am not there now thats for sure. Its just full of bogans."
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  1. This youtube is New Zealand. People drinking, smashing and doing useless teenager things badly above an age where they should be doing it. pathetic. And thinking they are hot stuff on a telephone pole the whole time, while mimicking some style they never invented themselves -

  2. we are visiting our homeland right now, just a visit because unable to leave NZ permanently at the moment due to marriage. but my youngest, who barely remembered his birthplace, remarked on how everyone here in america is like in a pokemon game, "friendly chat bubbles with everyone you meet", unlike new zealand. the friendliness and kindness of people OUTSIDE new zealand overwhelms him! "everyone opens doors for one another". kiwis hate to waste energy being friendly if there is no money to be made out of it and don't hold doors for anyone. you're "on your own mate"! in more ways than one. ;(

    1. AnonymousJuly 08, 2014

      I'm American, living in NZ now. I spent my first 26 years in the States. The problem is, American friendliness is often an illusion. They are socially conditioned to be polite and bubbly (esp. in the middle-class), but they actually hate you behind your back. There is an art to reading American fakeness in social interactions that you don't pick up as an outsider. Subtleties in tone and how they reply to certain questions.

  3. Kids can sum it up so well can't they. One day the doors will open for your children too, into places where friendly chat bubbles abound.


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