Friday, January 1, 2010

Migrant Stories - Making Ends Meet

Continuing our series of Migrant Stories. This well written post was published on an on-line immigration support forum. It's a not unusual example of how many skilled migrants from Western countries (in this case Britain) find life in New Zealand's low wage/high house price economy a struggle, despite their very best efforts they cannot find a way to make ends meet.

"Below Rock Bottom
I always thought reaching "rock bottom" was the lowest point. Not so. I know this as I am currently sitting in the place that is below the rock. And its not pleasant.

Contradictory as it may sound, I love New Zealand although it has proved to be big money sucking leach. I scrimp, I juggle, I do all the cost-cutting things I can to try and make ends meet and I usually try and keep a fairly positive outlook, count my blessings, tell myself it can only get better and am grateful for what we do have. But today Positive has taken a well earned vacation and has left Reality and Hardship for me to babysit. They are both a real pain, hard work during the day, refuse to sleep at night and, as it turns out, they cry a lot. They play mean games and are generally not nice to be around.

Today Reality and Hardship decided we should play the money game. They won and as a result I'm over my overdraft limit and I've nothing to buy food with. The kids are on school holidays and I've no money for petrol to take them anywhere, no money to even get stuff for a basic picnic so's we could just walk or bike somewhere and the pantry is looking fairly bare. I wish Positive was here - she would say, well look on the bright side - at least you can give the shelves a good clean now they're empty, eh?

I've just come off the phone to the pension company. My last chance saloon. Apparently it's where Hardship hangs out a lot. They can send me a form so I can claim Hardship resides with me and possibly release some of my money - for a 55% penalty (not having 5 tax years clear of UK).

Not the best start to the new year. I thought after having a diabolical 2009 things could only get better. However, as I type I'm nursing Hope who is on her deathbed and I've had no word from Positive to say when she might be returning."

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