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More Responses To "Is Crime A Serious Problem In NZ?"

We've long been concerned about crime in New Zealand and how the country is often portrayed abroad as having a low crime rate/risk of crime. A recent report showed that 80% of New Zealanders were concerned about serious crime in the country and the issue has been explored in the Auckland based NZ Herald.

The paper asked for readers responses and they've been coming in thick and fast, we've already highlighted a few of them on here and would like to share some more with you, including a very astute one from a resident of John Key's electorate - Helensville, a small rural township north of Auckland, that has recently suffered from a spate of armed robberies.

Rose ()
I live near Helensville and their is a crime problem escalating there. In weekends and after hours there are no police and so they send units from Kumeu and Henderson which is a 30 -45 minute commute.

Crims know this and so crime is on the increase as there is not much chance crims can be apprehended in the act.

We have yobs from around Auckland and Dargarville coming down for anti social behavior every weekend - in our area close to the beach - it is vehicle and vandalism crime and poaching. They bring their guns to shoot deer, chop down the native forest for firewood, ride their unregistered motorbikes and quad so they can't be caught by locals and leave their 4 wheel drives hidden in the forest.

It is no surprise that these few yobs have now escalated into armed robbery and the murder of the cyclist in Kaukapakapa.

Locals have been complaining for years about the yob element which is easily contained by weekend road checks close to the beach where they don't expect it and a search of rego's, warrents, firearms and drugs.

Worst still it is the PM's electorate. If we have no police in weekends what does this say about the government promises?

Level Headed (New Plymouth)
Despite having travelled extensively throughout the world (more than 130 overseas cities at the last count plus hundreds of smaller towns and the like) I have been robbed only three times. Unfortunately each of those occasions was in New Zealand.

I have always been security concious and am as wary here as I am anywhere else. So I am not a victim because I am complacent when travelling at home.

It follows that New Zealand has a serious problem in particular where we look at crime against tourists.

As for crime in our area it depends what we label crime. Drunken hehaviour, drunk driving, punch ups and the like are commonplace. Its like the wild west after certain hours in the local township. So we avoid being a victim by not going there.

It sounds laughable. But its not. Our locum doctor - someone who we are trying to attract and retain - has just returned home. I asked why and the response was that he found he had to treat more victims of violent crime than his home country and found his job here distasteful. He was American.

Chris (Flat Bush)
No doubt in mind crime is a serious problem in New Zealand. Statistics would probably show that crime is worse here than in any other OECD country. I have faith in the National Party government though, while Labor with their social re-engineering gave criminals more rights than our great law enforcers.

I have worked all over the world in real difficult places and only in New Zealand I was exposed to an armed robbery myself, in a dairy one night. The robbers, equipped with weapons and threatened our lives, were caught, but no charges were filed sine the Indian dairy owners were too scared to file charges, being threatened by the robbers and their Samoan associates.

It would be the only country on the planet, apart from some African and South American countries, where criminal gangs roam the street showing off their patches and intimidating innocents. It would be the only country where police don't act on tips about drug houses, unless the frightened citizens come out in the open as witnesses.

I voted for change and sincerely hope that our new government with Mr. Key at the helm do what is needed to change the situation.

westie (New Zealand)
Many years ago we could sleep at night with the front door open and a screen on the catch.There was absolutely no concern at the time and in our area of intruders.Those days have long gone.It is now unsafe to walk around the streets in the early evenings let alone at night without some criminal or gang prospect wanting to cause problems.I feel we are far too lenient on criminals especially those that use a age restriction to avoid serving time in prison.

So what can be done about crime?I think education begins in the home and not behind the prison bars.For those parents with criminal children it is time they,the parents,were held accountable for the behaviour and antics of their children.

They were the ones who bought the child into the world and they must be held responsible for whatever actions their child does.Quite often parents don't care less where their children are or what their children are doing at night. A lot of parents find their "out" of being a responsible parent by going to the TAB,the Casino or the Pub.

KatieR (Point England)
I had two home invasion type robberies where pacifica youth broke into my house while I was home to steal stuff- they were still coming in the window after I saw them and if my male flatmate had not chased them off, it would have become violent.

We were next to Glen Innes and the police did not want to come out , and did not investigate. Right after that I moved to a wealthy Auckland area and gave up on saving for a house. I had one very petty car crime and the police were around, following up and filing reports. I only reported it for insurance.

I was talking to a police officer a few months ago- He said that the serious crime rate went up the moment sentences were decreased for burglary and theft. We should target the small, petty crimes, and the big ones will be nipped in the bud.

Also- if criminals are not fron New Zealand, we have no responsibility to pay for their imprisonment and rehabilitation. Deport criminals like Australia does- including under 18s and free the cash up for better purposes. Perhaps whole families with criminal children should be deported- it won't take too long before they get strict on their kids, or send them home at their expense.

katrina d (Papakura)
We bought a house in Papakura, need I say more. The teenagers around here are a right pain in the butt and the parents are no better off.

Unbeknown to us, we bought the house just around the corner from where Michael Choy was killed. (ed. Michael was beaten to death by a group of 12-17 year olds) Many of the neighbours have sold up and moved out of the area but we have a 30 year mortgage so we are stuck here.

However, its what you make of the situation.

I don't hide behind my curtain, neither do I allow them to intimidate me or my family.
What makes me sick is, my household are workers and we can't afford a small simple car, so we depend on public transport or pay freinds to get to and from work and yet, these dole bludging, benefit ,

Housing NZ tenants have the latest of vehicles out there. They can just walk into WINZ and have school uniforms paid 'just like that'. Even thier food is paid for , while they spend our hard earned money on booze.And yes, That does happen.!
Its also very rare to see a genuine solo parent on this side of town.

Poverty doesn't cause crimes, its these lazy a$ed clowns who think its their given right to take what ever they want.

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  1. there is a crime spree happening in the parakai and helensville area,dispite what the ‘local commander’ or mayor say about is fueled by the ‘p’ problem,youth whos parents dont care,lack of employment,youth gangs etc…when has the police commander done a stint of duty in the helensville station? the station is only open 10 to 4 monday to friday so theres a big time slot he could fill!!…i suggest he and the rodney mayor ask for some annonymous opinions from henderson police in regards to the lack of police on duty in helensville!!!..


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