Thursday, November 12, 2009

Covert Racial Prejudice Commonplace In NZ

By Neil Reid - Sunday News

"A MAORI Party boss says hidden racism is rife in New Zealand.
Co-vice president Heta Hingston said fellow Maori Party member Hone Harawira's email rant against Pakeha was no worse than "covert" racial prejudice commonplace throughout the country.
"That email, I wouldn't want to say [if it was racist]," Hingston, a retired Maori Land Court judge, told Sunday News.

"I can concede it is offensive to some people – nobody would deny that. But racism ... in New Zealand, is covert. Very few of the ardent anti-Maori, anti-Islander, anti-Asian front up.

It is there. But at least Hone opens his mouth and says that. And I think (the secrecy) is the worst part about racism that is rife in New Zealand. There are so many good Pakehas being tarred with the brush of those other racists that is all hidden."

Harawira's membership in the Maori Party remains up in the air after he sent former Waitangi Tribunal member Buddy Mikaere an email in which he branded Pakeha as "white motherf***s" who "have been raping our lands and ripping us off for centuries".

 For background see Hone goes walkabout, again

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