Friday, September 11, 2009

English Man Attacked And Robbed In New Plymouth

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from YahooXtraNews 10 Sept 09

"A young Englishman was attacked and robbed when he stopped his car to answer a cellphone call in New Plymouth early today.

The 23-year-old man pulled over and got out of his car in Devon Street West about 12.30am to take the call when he was hit from behind.

His attacker, thought to be a Pakeha aged between 18 and 25, held the man down with a foot on his back while he robbed him, New Plymouth police Constable Hannah Pulotu told NZPA.

She said the victim had his glasses knocked off and didn't get a good description of his attacker.

"The only thing he saw of him was when he got back in his car and saw him running off in his rear vision mirror."

He was not seriously hurt, suffering a cut above his eye when his head hit the pavement.

The man, who lives in New Zealand, had his wallet and passport taken."

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