Tuesday, September 1, 2009

15 Year Old Member of YSK Street Gang To Recieve Adult Sentence


"Christchurch, Sept 1 NZPA - A 15-year-old ringleader in a vicious street bashing and robbery in Lincoln Road has been sent for sentencing in the adult court after admitting his offending in the Youth Court today.

He is heading for a lengthy prison term -- a sentence the Youth Court cannot impose.

Judge John Strettell declined jurisdiction for the youth, whose name remains suppressed because of Youth Court reporting restrictions. That suppression will be considered again at his District Court sentencing.

"Youth Court can offer you nothing in regard to rehabilitation," the judge said.

"Denunciation and protection of the public are highly relevant to the sentencing process and are best dealt with in the District Court."

The youth was a member of the YSK youth street gang which carried out of the mugging under the Lincoln Road overbridge at 2am on Sunday April 18, robbing youths aged 18 and 19 years who were walking home together.

At least one victim was knocked unconscious when they were attacked with lengths of wood. One had a broken jaw and both had bruises and cuts to the head and face needing stitches.

The police said YSK stood for Young Skuxx Klicxx, a youth gang with between 10 and 20 members.

A 17-year-old schoolboy visiting Christchurch from Tokoroa over the school holidays was the other ringleader of the incident.

Tuari Damyn Karipa-Rangi pleaded guilty in June and is due to be sentenced on Friday. He was the other youth brandishing the wood.

Youth advocate for the boy who admitted the aggravated robbery in court today, Elizabeth Bulger, said a plan had been formulated and agreed for him to be sent for a crown sentencing, but the date available was in December.

Judge Strettell said he would arrange for that to be brought forward, because the delay was too long for such a young offender.

He said it had been an unprovoked attack against two young people.

A prison term for the length likely to be imposed was not available in the Youth Court.

"There needs to be a clear message given that incidents of this type are not tolerated in Christchurch and that those who take part in and are ringleaders, and carry out violence of this type can expect little sympathy from the court.

"That applies to young people of your age as much as any others."

He said the youth's age would be taken into account at the sentencing.

He remanded the boy in custody for two weeks so that an earlier crown sentencing date could be set.

The boy received hugs and kisses from family members before he was led back to the cells."

It's highly likely that at least one of the victims was a tourist and probably wealthy. Some reports state that one of the men said that when he woke up his watch, wallet and passport were missing (the boys were later heard to boast about 'scoring a Rolex' ) however no details about the status or the nationality of the two men have ever been released to the public.

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