Monday, July 20, 2009

Man Charged For Ramming And Shooting At Elderly Couple

After another shocking assault on elderly people a man has been charged following the ramming of an couple on state highway 33 on the way to Rotorua on Saturday at 4.30am. Press reports say that after trying to run the couple off the road the man fired at them with a shotgun at close range.

Later the same morning a female driver was tail-gated by a driver 15km north of Rotorua. When forced to stop she was confronted with an axe.

Police made one arrest - a man will appear in court today on "firearms, driving, cannabis and explosives charges." Full story here: Road assaults in Rotorua

Another related news report gives slightly more information. "Rotorua man arrested after a string of violent incidents". It gives details of an armed offenders call-out to conduct a search of a private home.

The police were wise to act with extreme caution. In May a police officer was shot dead when a a routine cannabis bust went horribly wrong in Napier. Jan Molenaar holed himself up for days in an armed siege which ended with his death and left 3 people critically injured. See: Napier siege

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  1. Police and anyone else are flying a kite if they think cannabis had anything to do with this idiots behavour.

    "Cannabis is not criminogenic, whereas prohibition is." ~ Justice McCart


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